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Photo by JT
🕐 09-17-23 20:08JT wrote:
This is in Derbyshire - Castleton which is in the peak district of the UK. One of my favorite parts to visit when I go.

If you ever watch Game of thrones. House of Dragons, this is where some of it was filmed.

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Photo - 613419
🕐 04-12-23 09:51JT wrote:
Love these old WWII Bombers! I need to get out to Evergreen and look at their collection again. They even have the Spruce Goose there.
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Girl with mask.
Photo by JT
🕐 04-09-23 20:01JT wrote:
Covid 19 fashion
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Lots of legs
🕐 02-20-23 19:27JT wrote:
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Clipper Game - 4th Quarter
Photo by friedeye
🕐 09-06-21 20:25JT wrote:
Fantastic lighting!
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Montacute House
Photo by handgun
🕐 01-16-18 15:22handgun wrote:
Thanks everyone, for your comments and likes
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M8 on infrared "mode"
Photo by nwphil
🕐 09-10-16 04:19oddgeir wrote:
Very special
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In the olive field
Photo by oddgeir
🕐 08-14-16 14:06oddgeir wrote:
Thanks, Terry!
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Free ebook at MacroStop.com
🕐 07-11-16 19:53terence2 wrote:
Great shot
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Photo 112393
🕐 06-20-16 14:29terence2 wrote:
Wonderful capture...
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