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Pedona's cat
🕐 07-07-12 08:05stephen b wrote:
This is why I love black and white.
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lone beach walking
Photo by stephen b
🕐 04-03-11 13:17stephen b wrote:
Thanks Snaprat
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Photo by rustedchrome
🕐 02-21-11 14:09stephen b wrote:
Excellent photograph. Really captured her personality I think.
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Photo by rustedchrome
🕐 11-17-10 14:57stephen b wrote:
Wow, that CV 35 is an awesome lens. Loving the bokeh here.
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Photo by rustedchrome
🕐 11-17-10 14:56stephen b wrote:
Beautiful use of depth of field. Love the classic look.
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Photo by dierk
🕐 11-14-10 06:42stephen b wrote:
One of the best portraits I have seen.
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