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Photo 306706
Photo by imperfiction
🕐 06-30-11 15:25zockson wrote:
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Photo 306703
Photo by imperfiction
🕐 06-30-11 15:24zockson wrote:
Well Done!
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Photo 316288
Photo by valtievsky
🕐 06-04-11 04:00zockson wrote:
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Photo 316556
Photo by valtievsky
🕐 06-04-11 04:00zockson wrote:
nice colors and good composition
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Photo 313906
Photo by valtievsky
🕐 03-18-11 00:25zockson wrote:
Excellent! Well Done. The colors are beautiful!
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🕐 01-24-11 23:19zockson wrote:
Very very good! Well done!
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Paris, Autumn
Photo by stephen b
🕐 01-08-11 14:13zockson wrote:
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Photo by lelibertin
🕐 11-28-10 05:53zockson wrote:
Very good portrait. Interesting person!
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Photo 309106
Photo by dierk
🕐 11-23-10 14:01zockson wrote:
Very nice!
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Photo 306717
Photo by imperfiction
🕐 10-24-10 14:13zockson wrote:
Excellent colors. What lens did you use?
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