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Robert Hill Long (
Southern Pines, United States
Member since: 2021-02-28
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Black and white photography naturalizes the interplay among structures, patterns, textures, figures and tones. It abstracts the image from time, giving it repose from the world’s spectral flux. I use the light of the world to inscribe a moment intersecting eternity. Flecks of mortal time, inhabited by souls, waters, trees, shades, clouds, signs and wonders. Voigtlander lenses I’ve owned and used: 15 4.5 LTM; 21 4.0 LTM; 25 4.0 M; 28 1.9 LTM; 35 2.5 M; 35 1.4 MC (M); 35 1.2 v1 M; 50 1.5 S; 50 1.1 M. On these cameras: Leica M10 Monochrom, M246, M-D 262, M7, M5, M4, M3, IIIc, T (Typ 701); Sony A7II Kolari, A7 Kolari, Nex-6; Fuji X-E1; Nikon S2.

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